How effective are vehicle wraps?
A study by the American Trucking Association (ATA) and 3M Commercial Graphics Division revealed some helpful insight to the effectiveness of vehicle wraps. The study showed that a single vehicle wrap driven in or around a major city produces over 65,000 visual impressions per day.  The same vehicle driven around suburban areas of major cities produces over 30,000 visual impressions per day.  The same study also showed that:
98% of consumers feel that vehicle wraps create a positive image for the advertising company.
96% of consumers said vehicle wraps had a greater impact than billboards or other outdoor advertising media.
75% of consumers said they develop an impression about a company and its products based upon vehicle graphics.
What is a vehicle wrap?
A vehicle wrap is a 3 step process consisting of Designing, Printing, and Installing.  We perform all 3 steps in-house using the highest quality material available to ensure the longest lasting and best looking wrap for you.  Wraps are the best and most affordable types of advertising for your business.
How is a wrap designed?
We custom design every wrap to fit the needs of our customers.  We communicate back and forth to ensure the wrap is to your liking and the customer always has the last say in the final design.  
How is a wrap printed?
After getting the final consent of the customer, we print the designed wrap on site.  We use the best material available and let the print dry for 24 hours before laminating it.  We then laminate the print which acts as an extra layer of protection against everyday wear and tear.  
How is the wrap applied?
The wrap is then applied to your boat or vehicle by our trained professionals.  The backing is peeled off the print and the adhesive side is applied to the vehicle or boat using squeegees made specifically for this purpose.   We pride ourselves on quality and precision and attention to detail is always our highest priority.
Can a wrap be removed?
Yes.  Not only can the wraps be removed, during the time the wrap is on the vehicle or boat, it actually can help protect your vehicles paint job.  
How do I care for my wrap?
Hand washing is recommended.  Try to avoid high pressure washes and never use ice scrapers on window graphics.  
Why should we let you perform the vehicle design and wrap?
There are many companies that can apply vehicle wraps.  There are much fewer companies that design, print, and install all in-house.  We see this as a great advantage because we always have a close eye on the entire process.  Although the vinyl manufacturing company offers a 5 year warranty which we pass on to our customers, we have never had to enforce a warranty.  We have wrapped many bass fishing professional's boats and vehicles and they continue coming to us each year.  Our wraps have been shown on the cover of many magazines including Bassmaster.    If you still aren't convinced, ask any of our previous customers.  We are confident they will share the positive experiences they have had with us.